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Therapeutic Effects of Yoga

Disease is inevitable in our modern lifestyle. We are sedentary and do not exercise properly. Our sleep patterns are sometimes unhealthy as we sleep late and sleep less. The food choices that we make are such that we do not get the right nutrition and often harm ourselves. The result is a plethora of lifestyle related diseases which have no specific cure in allopathic medicine. In lifestyle related diseases the patient gradually becomes resistant to therapy. Side effects of allopathic medicines set in and many organs begin to fail. The patient loses the quality of life and gradually gets depressed.

Yoga is a holistic lifestyle that has a therapeutic effect which promotes health. Yoga is a subject of alternative therapy which has been found to relieve many lifestyle related diseases. Doctors right from physiotherapists, gynecologists, cardiologists, neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists are suggesting yoga to their patients. People continue to practice yoga even after their symptoms subside as they want to maintain better health. Yoga is an adjuvant to medicine in treating various ailments and is highly synergistic to therapy. In many countries various medical studies have already been conducted on Health benefits of Yoga. Many Medical studies are being further conducted to now rediscover therapeutic effects of yoga that were long known to ancient rishis.

Yoga gives elasticity of joints and aids easier and safer delivery for pregnant women. Yoga asanas gently massage your internal organs and tunes up hormonal functions so it prevents diabetes and thyroid problems.

Yoga calms the mind; it wards off depression, averts anxiety attacks, and diminishes symptoms of schizophrenia. Yoga has phenomenal de-stressing effects and prevents sleep disturbances.

With medicine yoga is an adjuvant,
Yoga is great for every patient.
For chronic lifestyle diseases it is good,
Yoga's benefits doctors have npw understood.