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Kriya Yoga

" Kriya yoga is an inward journey to merge with self-illumating soul "

Kriya is made of two words where ‘Kri’ means karma, and ‘ya’ means soul. Mastering to do action is kriya which demands discipline and focus of concentration. It is solely an internal action.

Kriya can be an action or a chain of action by using body, mind and breath. It can be physical action or mental action. In yoga science, it is done to open up the channels that block the flow of energy which at the end, release you from wordly bondage.

In a nutshell, we can say that:

kriya yoga1
  • It is an inward journey seeking for self-inquiry
  • Spiritual guidance from supreme consciousness starts
  • Time-factor loses its essence here
  • Mind becomes quiescent and one-pointed
  • Impression of divine force in every action

Its regular practice would make you so light, peaceful, and blissful where you feel as if there is no body, but consciousness of minuscule of the minuscules. Kriya yoga is based on breath control (balancing inhalation and exhalation).

Purpose of Kriya Yoga

Normally, mind shift either toward the fast-changing world or toward true self-knowledge. In our day-to-day life, we are steadily distracted by many outer stimuli and observations, and this causes restlessness in the mind. The five senses compel us to remain in touch with the world around us.

  • Need to check wondering mind
  • Interpretation of reasons generating restlessness in mind
  • Understanding right perception of objects
  • Aiming for state of perfect yoga
  • Removing all barriers to reach perfect state of Kriya yoga

In order to go deeper, become more balanced and to look at the world from your inner eye, it is important to regularly withdraw your attention from the daily worries.When the lakes of the mind becomes clear and still, man knows himself as he really is, always was and always will be.

Whatever our senses perceive is right knowledge, provided that there has been no element of delusion. The scriptures are based upon the super conscious knowledge obtained by great spiritual teachers while in the state of perfect yoga.

Process of Inward Journey

Kriya yoga is inward journey for self-enquiry and consciousness to the higher self. Through the channel of breath, the subtle energy flow in our body. We reach at that blissful stage, where time and wordly conscience ceases, just like all lights dissolve in the black hole. The ultimate purpose of kriya yoga is to free soul from worldly bondages and to reunite it with the supreme consciousness.

Kriya yoga based on :

kriya yoga2
  • Journey towards self-inquiry and consciousness to the higher self
  • Mingle with supreme subtle force
  • Controlling life force
  • Path of self-awareness
  • Liberating soul is ultimate purpose

The supreme yoga master Lord Krishna aptly defined Kriya Yoga as a means to liberate our soul from the bondage of death and birth by controlling inhaling and exhaling as mentioned in Bhagavad Gita.

By regulating our breath, we can control our life force and control our wondering mind. By intense practice, we change the structure and operation of brain; change the energy system in our body. It leads to the path of awareness of higher vibrations.

The fruits, which we reap from kriya yoga are :

  Exploring your divine nature

Kriya yoga, it is the supreme way to discover the divine nature of one’s own trues self. You become a fearless, pure and virtuous soul.

  Discovering secret divine kingdom

The imperishable is the eternal and the immutable. In divine kingdom, the cycle of time ceases, there is no bondage of life and death, as one merges with Supreme Self.

  Cultivation of supreme joy

We hop from place to place for permanent happiness. But once we realize the unexplored divine kingdom, we experience the never ending joy which comes from inwards.

  Attainment of perfect yoga

We discover many invaluable gems of spirituality, as we go deeper inside. All our connections to the outer world are broken; and we enjoy the state of perfect yoga.

  Experience of spiritual forces

The aspirant of kriya yoga can experience the subtle spiritual forces or the vibrations which connects effortlessly to the supreme conscious soul.

Kriya Yoga in Rishikesh

Attaining perfection in kriya yoga requires a long practical experience under a perfect guide. The yoga practice in the world yoga capital is helpful in many ways :

  • The vast greenery and calm surroundings acts as channel for inward journey
  • Yoga learning become ecstasy when practice in large group
  • Learning kriya yoga is not a challenge, but a part of daily life here
  • Inhale and exhalation is a refreshing activity amidst green mountains
  • Observe in silence the divine nature of ever-flowing Ganga