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Effects of Diet in Yoga

Understanding food will allow one to be actively aware of its effects in one’s life. There is a saying in Hindi Language – “ Jaisa Aahar Vaisa Vyavhar ” which means Conduct depends on your food. Food impacts our mental, astral and causal bodies. It has been commented that we should eat our food like medicines or we will have to eat medicines like food.

Food has powerful psycho-physiological effects so we need to carefully choose the type of food we consume. Herbivorous animals by nature generally appear friendly and docile, carnivores by nature generally appear aggressive and scavengers by nature generally appear lazy. Food directly impacts looks, energy levels, thinking and behavior.

We should avoid alcohol cigarettes or any narcotic substances as they stun the mind and do not allow it to function at all. These substance kill brain cells so mind will become weaker. We should avoid fish, eggs and meat as they contain Adrenalin ( hormone of fright ) when the animal is slaughtered. This will be an obstacle in calming the mind. Spicy / fried foods irritate the digestive systems and over-stimulate the senses which become an impediment in yoga.

Consumption of Canned / preserved / frozen, stale left – over. food is called Tamsic Food. It is generally not good for spiritual growth as it makes us lazy and stunts the intellect. All alcohols are prepared by fermentation so they are highly Tamsic. Alcohols work on the subtle mental levels and alter thinking patterns towards self indulgence and indolence.

Consumption of Rajsic food tends to makes us aggressive and will not allow our minds to stay calm. Hot spicy food is highly Rajsic and makes us very uneasy. Rajsic food stuns the sense of taste and over-stimulates the digestive system. It causes excessive increase of hunger on the physical level. It stimulates desires and causes greed on the mental plane.

Use extra water of boiling in gravy,
While preparing vegetables o curry.
Chew well and never eat food in a hurry,
While eating; avoid anger and worry.