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10 Days Kundalini Yoga Advanced Course

Invigorate your inward journey to connect with universal consciousness

This 10 days kundalini yoga course connects you to universal consciousness and you become intrepid by realizing subtle energy in your existence. Your spiritual journey will culminated at the spiritual surroundings of Rishikesh. Under the guidance of guru, you will reach your destination.

After undergoing kundalini yoga process, you will get experience of kundalini. When all the pranic energy flow unhindered in your subtle body, the spiritual energy will opens up the new avenues for you to experience of kundalini yoga in Rishikesh.

The preliminary course is must to go to the next level of advanced kundalini yoga in Rishikesh. Without channelizing your energy and without understanding the subtle nature of kundalini, it's worthless to directly jump into the advanced stage of kundalini yoga.

  • Spiritual peace & awareness comes naturally
  • Unhindered flow of subtle energy
  • Prana (Energy) start flowing in all chakras & nadis
  • Unfold the deeper aspects of consciousness
  • Kundalini vaguely rises for new awareness

Why You Should Join SYF for Kundalini Yoga

  • Our team has gain knowledge from traditional guru
  • We don’t believe in any moderations & adjustments
  • We generate self-learning experience of inward journey
  • Secret knowledge of kundalini which only accomplished Guru can impart
  • By removing all mental garbage & internal purification process, then move inward

Course Recognition

The Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF) is certified and registered with the Indian Government under Societies Registration Act 1860. The certificate will be provided by SYF under proper seal and signature of the president. And, this certificate is universally applicable.

Suitable to Whom

  • Balancing spiritual life with professional one
  • Any novice contemplating on inward journey
  • Connecting individual conscience with super-conscious
  • Seeker of peace, calmness & universal brotherwood
  • Any new spiritual seeker (no age limit)

10 Days Kundalini Yoga Advanced Course Program

The 10-days Kundalini Yoga in Rishikesh is refined programme for yoga disciples. It deals with inward journey which demands commitment, dedication and strong will power from yoga aspirants.

  • Two hours : Connecting asanas to move closer to kundalini
  • Two hours : Process of activation of all nadis
  • Two hours : Meditation will go from subtle to subtler
  • One Hours : Acclaiming the spiritual strength of Aum and Trataka
  • One Hours : Kundalini Kriya

Note : Programme module of day-to-day will be provided on your arrival

Rules and Regulations

  • Only last days is devoted to outing.
  • Mingling with outer world can alter your dimensions including vibrations in your body
  • You will wear yoga dress during entire session
  • Use of mobile is strictly prohibited during session
  • You will come here with empty mind
  • only then guru can impart his knowledge
  • You can ask any query at the concluding day of the session
  • On last day, you will get all the answers naturally
  • Write your personal experience on kundalini yoga in notebook

Yogi Diet

  • Light food
  • Only Vegetarian meal at selected time
  • Foods should be served at right time
  • No spicy & salty food
  • Strictly "No" smoking zone
  • No alcohol beverages
  • No copulation during entire session

We expect : We expect that you will adhere to the rules & regulations that has been designed to gain experience of kundalini yoga and you achieve what you have come for.

Course Fee Per Person

SN NO. In US dollars Room Occupancy
1 US$ 1199 Single person Occupancy (Single room)
2 US$ 899 per person Twin Sharing Occupancy (Twin room)

Note :- For above course advanced booking fee will be US$ 300 per person per course, which can be paid online through your credit card or via bank transfer to our account.

We are different from others

10 Days Kundalini Yoga Advanced Course Booking Schedule

The objective of SYF is to provide the best possible atmosphere for yogic techniques

SN NO. Schedule For 10 Days Advanced Course Status
2 From 1st Jan 2018 to 28th Jan 2018 Registration Closed
4 From 1st Feb 2018 to 28th Feb 2018 Registration Closed
5 From 1st Mar 2018 to 28th Mar 2018 Registration Closed
6 From 1st Apr 2018 to 28th Apr 2018 Registration Closed
7 From 1st May 2018 to 28th May 2018 Registration Open
8 From 1st June 2018 to 28th June 2018 Registration Open
9 From 1st July 2018 to 28th July 2018 Registration Open
10 From 1st Aug 2018 to 28th Aug 2018 Registration Open
11 From 1st Sept 2018 to 28th Sept 2018 Registration Open
12 From 1st Oct 2018 to 28th Oct 2018 Registration Open
13 From 1st Nov 2018 to 28th Nov 2018 Registration Open
1 From 1st Dec 2018 to 28th Dec 2018 Registration Open

Essence of Kundalini Yoga

All the scattered energies begin to collect and you direct them toward a single goal. You experience the highest consciousness when you rise above the gross by constant & intense kundalini yoga.

Kundalini (coiled energy) is the expression of psychic passage awareness. Undergo by yourself what happens when you encounter out of body experience. It's a unique inward journey on the conscious level. You will find solace in the close proximity of super consciousness realm.

It is verily the essence of kundalini yoga that you start dwelling in new dimension of existence. There comes a pattern in your life. The truly intelligent and penetrative mind can have further experiences of kundalini.

  • Senses goes inward by kundalini yoga
  • Control of subtle energy energizes your potential
  • Pure conscience goes higher & higher
  • You remain aware all the time
  • You transcend your thought, emotion & action

Residing in Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

You steadily drift towards inner depth of your spiritual realm to experience the prana (subtle energy). Each chakra has its own level of awareness, as you ascend the higher level of new dimension. Each whirlpool of pranic energy is point which turns on other specific levels of the point. You have the capacity to transcend your limitations and even modern science firmly believes that man uses his very low capability.

  • Sukshma Prana starts moving in the nervous of the astral body
  • The pranic energy freely move at all chakras
  • You moves in your subtle existence by realizing your cosmic energy
  • Channelizing of all nadis including sushmana
  • Kundalini gives power and energy to all the nadis

Essence of Kundalini Yoga : All the preparations will ensure you to explore the deeper realms of kundalini by following :

  • Connecting asanas to move closer to kundalini
  • Process of activation of all nadis
  • Meditation will go from subtle to subtler
  • Kundalini began to unleash its energy
  • Acclaiming the spiritual strength of Aum and Trataka
  • Merge with super universal consciousness

Astral Body through Asanas

  • Asnas become comfortable & steady
  • Comfortable and steady in gross body
  • You stimulate the chakras by asanas
  • Stability enhances at different levels of bodily consciousness
  • You experience free flow of energy in entire body

Control of Prana

  • Feelings of vibrations at Ida & Pingala psychic passages
  • Sushmuna start flowing directly within the central canal
  • Regulating & activating prana shakti
  • Balancing act of solar & moon energy at nostrils
  • The left/right hemisphere of brain is activated
  • Pingala nadi activates all the vital process

Essence of Meditation

  • You enter the timeless zone
  • Disconnect with outer world
  • Stillness in mental process
  • Visualize the inner awareness
  • You transcend the transitory world
  • Totally absorbed in one-pointed concentration

Gesture & Locking Energy

  • Alter the mood, attitude & perception
  • All the gross blockages been removed
  • It lead to the awakening of pranas, chakras & kundalini
  • Radiate prana in the internal world
  • Positive effect on the mind, body & prana
  • Diverts the flow of prana to the heart

Chanting of Aum and Trataka

  • Culling of all negative vibrations
  • It is universal verbal mantra for one-pointed awareness
  • It traces sound back through its psychic manifestation
  • It shifts you from gross to the subtle existence
  • Trataka activate the ajna chakra
  • It magnetize your mind

Connecting with Universal Consciousness by Kundalini Yoga


When you approach Guru with empty mind, only then you will be underwent unique universal consciousness. All you have different body and vibrations and you can have different experiences at the culmination of kundalini yoga. Your experiences will be yours personal related to kundalini, meditation and astral body.

  • Mysterious visions or sounds at awakening of chakras
  • Feeling of electric currents circulating in entire body
  • Pleasing pains at different locations in body
  • Trans-like consciousness beyond your normal senses
  • Feeling as energy passes through the chakras
  • Out of body experience as you enter astral body
  • Feeling of serpentine uncoiling in the entire body
  • Feeling of super-consciousness stage (Samadhi)