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Yoga Teacher Training

The journey of yoga takes you to different dimensions of " life "


Spirit Yoga Foundation offers one of the avant-garde Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. Under various classifications of Yoga, we mainly focus on Shatkarma, Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas and Meditation. Our 200 hrs yoga teacher training course is highly praised at national and international level.

Our Yoga Certificate Courses certified by Yoga Alliance (USA) leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of yoga students and connect your consciousness firmly in traditional Indian Yoga. We firmly believe that success in yoga will be at crest if practitioner put his/her maximum energy in his/her yogic practice. Yoga path is open for the realization of the ultimate truth.

SYF is focus on rural-based community development with yoga awareness where the role of teachers and students is to connect the two communities. We religiously believe in traditional values and imparting the same core values to our training module in traditional art of Rishikesh.

Objectives :

  • We believe in the blending of two cultures at yoga.
  • Now, the East is embracing West, and vice versa. The whole world is shrinking into global village, where all people unites for the same cause.
  • We are not restricted to develop yoga teachers, but to a broader horizon, develop higher human being working for encouragement of spiritualism to all corners of the world.
  • We firmly believe that yoga is ultimate reality of life.

Yoga School in Rishkesh Certified by Yoga Alliance USA

Hatha Yoga

We strictly follow the guidelines of Yoga Alliance USA and conduct yoga teacehers training as per their instructions. Our masters are expert and highly trained. Our Yoga teachers training course in Rishikesh syllabus is mainly emphasis on Hatha yoga and also polishes personality development of students. We impart knowledge in more traditional way in the vicinity of nature followed by strict rules and regulations. We conduct 200 hours YTTC certification. We also keep watch on the performance of students, and give award to highly performed students.

There is dress code in the school premises for all students and who are supposed to follow it strictly. To enhance the confidence of students, we also conduct yoga internship for students to take the role of teacher. Our Yoga school is committed on social community in rural villages and other welfare projects.

Essence of Yoga :

  • Asanas in simple words means that yogic position which is comfortable and relaxing.
  • Shatkarmas is cleansing process of your body.
  • Pranayama is comprised of two words where 'Prana' means energy and 'Ayama' means control.
  • Mudrasis is the combination of devotional, emotional and psychic emotions.
  • Bandha means hold, tighten or lock.
  • Yoga in Rishikesh


    Rishikesh has always been a land of Rishis and hermits who led a righteous life, live the life of detachment and meditated on the banks of Ganga water. As Ganga never stops even for a moment, here the process of yoga is ever ending. The path of yoga is an long inner journey to see divine glory and splendor of supreme consciousness.

    The ultimate goal of Yoga is self-realization which becomes in natural form in Rishikesh as there is constant flow of cosmic energy in natural surroundings. There are array of courses like yoga teacher training certificate, meditation course and higher level of yoga course to pick and choose.

    You discover yourself, which allows you to touch new horizons of life. In the vicinity in and around river, you will find innumerable practitioners doing yoga for achieving higher goals of life. Yoga and Rishikesh are like two sides of the same coin. The worldwide popularity and acceptability of yoga has recognized Rishikesh as the World Yoga Capital. As the sun's first ray falls on Ganga, the yogic energy empowering the city also energizes the yoga practitioners.