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Purely Yoga Guru : Simant Yogi

Simant Yogi is the founder & president of Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF). Yoga is not his profession, but ambition of his cherished life since early days. Spirituality is like his second breath, and meditation remained his constant companion in all these growing years.
While his peers moved to lucrative job, he chosed the less travelled path where rewards and appreciation seldom comes, or never comes in spite of living almost a reclusive life. His fortunate meeting with Mr Ravi Gusain in 2009 was like dreams come true for him.

Brief Introduction

  • He practices yoga for conscience awakening
  • He had done intense Sadhna under the guidance of his Guru
  • He believes in blend of modern & traditional learning of yoga
  • He regularly organize yoga workshops in village community
  • He workd relentlessly for empowerment of rural women
  • He wants to connect global community to strengthen global village

Yoga Journey

He started his yoga journey alone in 2005 by imparting yoga knowledge to villagers. Then, he moved to Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (Haridwar) for practical & theoretical knowledge of yoga. He is registered Yoga teacher from worldwide reputed Yoga Alliance (USA). He opened up Spirit Yoga Foundation, a non-profit organization in 2009.

Hatha Yoga

He is an accomplished guru of hatha yoga. He gives equal weightage to both modern & traditional learning without altering the true essence of yoga. From basic cleansing of body in traditional way of yoga, he steadily moves the yoga students to practice asana, pranayama, gesture, meditation and then finally deep meditation.


His pranayama techniques has catched the attention of every yoga students who visited at SYF to learn yogic breathing techniques. His teaching method is simple, but effective. He checks the potential and strong points of spiritual-seekers, and then move ahead with fresh teaching format that suits every yoga aspirants.


He never directly jumps into asanas, without preparing your body by yogic warm-up. In his yoga philosophy, he clearly tells how asanas are different from exercise. Awareness is important component of asana learning. Learning asanas under his guidance is enjoyable. He chooses the selected asanas, time and place for practice to suit every practitioner.

Master of Meditation

His knowledge transcends the bookish wealth of wisdom. His meditative techniques are innovative and fresh, where learners enjoy the divine surroundings. He learned many secrets of meditation from his Guru who spent long years in the Himalaya. He has perfect mastery over his mind and senses. He focus on self-learning experience.

Kundalini Yoga

Yoga is spiritual science where vibration of subtle energy and flow of unhindered flow of energy in astral channels awaken the kundalini. He was fortunate enough to get accees to the depth knowledge of this yoga from his genuine guru of yoga. This is purely secret information, which passes from guru to his most trusted disciple to avoid misuse.

Yoga Methodology

He teaches yoga philosophy in a lucid, refined and easy to digest language. From traditional to modern theory of yoga, he touches every aspect so that learners can easily grasp the subject. He also connects yoga to your daily life, and its relevancy in modern life where time is money. His vast experience & deep knowledge makes him the reliable yoga philosophical teacher.