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Women Empowerment

What is Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is a vocational training program that strives to empower village women by letting them have their own independent source of income. Women need to take care of their children so home based work is the most sustainable and effective method of women empowerment in villages. It enables rural women to earn both money and respect in the family.

Women Empowerment is making women self reliant to sustain themselves financially with Entrepreneurial trades. This skill-building program for women development espouses gender equality by encouraging village women to be self reliant. It boosts their confidence level as they are able to compete with full force in their business.

  • Women need home based business to sustainably increase their income.
  • Make women aware of the needs of the market so that they create products and foster skills that are needed in the market.
  • Enable women to collaborate with different agencies so that they get sustainable prices for the effort they put in their work.
  • An excellent way to employ some women to open a low cost day care centre for village children.
  • A day care centre for children is needed in each village so that women who have children can leave their kids in safe caring hands and go for work in peace.
  • A village Day Care Centre set up by village women is a good point to implement various child care programs for health and education.
  • Women Empowerment Programs have many trickle-down effects that extend beyond mere income generation for women. It results in many far reaching positive changes in the way of thinking of villagers.
  • The change in attitude changes village lifestyle and results in progress of the entire society.

Why is Women Empowerment Important in Rural Areas?

In rural India women are generally treated as lower-class citizens. Village women are mostly illiterate; they lack self confidence to do anything on their own. They are entirely dependent on their male counterparts and do not have any say in family affairs. They are seen as someone to bear children & look after home. They are expected to marry whenever they are ordered to marry whoever. Sometimes women can be widows, divorcees or abandoned by their husbands and family.

Key Focus of Women Empowerment

  • This skill-building program strives to empower village women by letting them have their own source of income. It will boost their confidence level as they are self reliant. This vocational training program for women will enable rural women to earn both money and respect in the family.
  • We will impart functional literacy to illiterate village women to reduce their exploitation and make them aware of their rights.
  • Quality education for women is desperately needed in the rural areas. For those women who can read and write we can consider a free computer literacy program specifically for women. This includes basic computer training course and internet usage.
  • Leaders of the world are advocating Yoga to bring its benefits to their country. We will spread the awareness of YOGA for a healthier and happier society. Focus will be on women as they are the foundation of all societies.
  • Medical Issues that are specific to women as they are unable to get any information owing to their own hesitation and taboos associated with them. This will end superstitions that are against women.

Women Empowerment Steps

Women Empowerment is the most powerful and effective way of uplifting the society. This promotes gender equality and brings women out of their shells. This increases the confidence of women to do business on their own.

Women Empowerment changes the mindset of the entire society which now treats women with respect. The independent income of women gives them a say in important family matters and village women begin to assert their rights.

  • We focus on vocational training in home based entrepreneurial trades for village women.
  • Exposure trips to markets to get market orientation to create awareness of skills and products that are needed in the market.
  • Boost the confidence of village women to do business on their own & improve their selling & negotiation skills so that they can get sustainable remuneration for their work.
  • Invite women to join Functional Literacy Program for villagers to make them read and write.
  • Day care centre for the children of women who come for training or go for work.
  • Elementary First Aid emergency medical treatment training for village women through awareness drives on Elementary First Aid & on common health issues of children.
  • Focus on medical issues which are specific to women.
  • Encourage women to attend yoga training camps for villagers to make them aware of the mental, physical and medical benefits of yoga.