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Skill Development

What is Skill Development Program?

Our skill development mission is the training of unemployed rural youth so as to enable them to earn a sustainable living by learning new skills. We help them to increase their skills without sacrificing their current profession so that they continue to support themselves financially during training and later increase their income. Skill Development in India is the right way for uplifting marginalized sections of society. We brief villagers about Skill Development programs available with us. We make villagers aware of the market and the scope of work. Our skill development coaches explain how to make market ready material that can be sold for financial gains. In our skill development centre we explain how these trades can bring a change in their life and how it can lead to a better life for them.

Why is Skill Development Program Needed

Villagers do not have any skill development centre to impart vocational skills or skill enhancement courses. They are mainly involved in agriculture and animal rearing. All these activities are done with obsolete technology using traditional methods and instruments that are based on outdated technology. Villagers have plenty of free time; they are involved in time wasting activities like playing cards in the road crossings and they additionally suffer from addition to drinking. As Mountain villagers are backward they are biased against people and organizations from plains. This is an obstruction to progress as there is resistance to technology which has to come from outside. The illiterate villagers suffer from a perennial lack of employment so they harbour jealousy against their own fellow villagers who are on the path of financial progress.

Villagers who are looking for economic growth migrate to cities. There is an exodus of villagers into cities where they go in search of better opportunities to work. But due to lack of skill development they are not specialized they can only work as unskilled labourers. This causes frustration and it manifests itself through various social evils like alcoholism, narcotic substance drug dependency. Villagers who have not been able to support themselves at all in cities may get into begging or may get involved in immoral and antisocial activities. There is a strong need of skill development in India to enable villagers earn well enough to have a good quality of life.

Key Objectives Skill Development in Rural Areas :-

Highlight the need of child education so that they attend school instead of working at home or in fields

  • Reduce absenteeism levels of children in village schools by stressing the importance of literacy in today’s context.
  • Make villagers aware of the banking system and how they can make deposits and take loans from banks.
  • Awareness against social evil of drinking. Invite villagers to stop wasting time in playing cards / gambling / fighting, etc and utilize their time in productive work and acquiring new skills.
  • Improve skill of villagers in fields that are not strictly agricultural.
  • Men can utilize their spare time by doing activities like Welding, Electricians, Plumbers, etc.
  • Inform villagers of various schemes started by the government for the welfare of villagers and focus on subsidy available for starting new ventures in villages.
  • Arrest the migration of villagers to cities by providing them income generation activities in the village itself.

Skill Development Steps

We give vocational training in entrepreneurial trades for village men so that they become self reliant. We impart training of skills that are needed in the market. In our skill development initiative we improve skill of villagers in domains that are not strictly agricultural. Men can utilize their spare time by doing activities like Welding, Electricians, Plumbers, etc. After completion of skill development training in our skill development centre we organize apprenticeship of plumbers, welders and electricians with people actually working in the market. These people become skill development coaches who give them practical exposure of how to resolve technical issues and how to keep customers satisfied so as to get repeat business.

This skill development plan with apprenticeship practically teaches them how to charge appropriately so that it benefits both the customer as well as the service provider. This complete skill development package that includes technical problem resolution and proper pricing that are taught through this skill development initiative scheme ensures viability of business. We also organize yoga training camps for villagers to make them aware of the mental, physical and medical benefits of yoga. We encourage village men and women who want to make Yoga their profession. SYF sponsors their training and finally absorbs them as yoga trainers.