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Yoga Internship

Need your thoughts and presence for community


Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF) offers yoga internship for our own yoga students in the Devbhoomi's villages. We are providing one-week yoga internship at the mountain villages where they will get practical experience and get an opportunity to directly interact with local community.

Lord Krishna says clearly : "Of all the perennial rivers, I am Jahnavi (Ganga). I am the Himalayn Mountain out of all unmoving things." Fortunately, Uttarakhand is home to holy Ganga and mightly Himalyas, and aptly called 'Devbhoomi' (Land of Gods). The natural beauty of 'Devbhoomi' is beyond words, and people here are simple-hearted, passionate and knit together by strong cultural values.

SYF fosters a loving, caring and more enriched world by bringing two different communities together that enhance the distinctive aspects of places to the benefit of both local inhabitants and foreign travelers.

What you learn?


Living in Natural Environment : There is cosmic energy flowing in every matter in Himalayan hills. To have an ability to adjust with new environment and practicing yoga is a unique experience in itself. You feel rejuvenated and refresh like never before.

Social Responsibility : You will be giving your valuable time for the development of village society. They will learn new skills, new sources of livelihood and new experiences of life. Serving people is the biggest worship to Almighty.

Learning Simplicity and Happiness : Yoga give emphasis on simplicity of life. Learn the simplicity and happiness in hill villages where people with limited income live in perfect peace and in direct contact with nature.

Yoga in Daily Life : The ordinary life in higher altitude villages start with prayers and also end with prayer. You will discover how village community is doing yoga unknowingly in their daily routine life.

Farm Tourism : You will get an opportunity to live and see the farming life in Uttarakhand. In the backdrop of cool and serene surroundings, it will be a new experience to rediscover yourself by doing yoga and meditation.

Who can avail?

  • Only for selected students undergoing 10 to 15 days yoga course from our SYF is entitle for free Yoga internship.
  • The yoga students who will take training in 200 hrs course or five/six/eight days' yoga training course will have to pay $ 500 in advance for yoga internship.
  • You have to inform us in advance about your readiness to participate in yoga internship course.

How To Enrol

soical responsibility
  • Yoga internship can avail only those students who completed a Yoga course with us recently or in past.
  • During yoga internship, all meals (local organic food), home stay accommodation and transport will be provided free of cost to our volunteers.
  • Our Yoga volunteers are invited to apply for an optional social service internship for a period of six days. At the end of the optional internship, an additional certificate of internship will be awarded to all such Yoga volunteers.
  • Nearly 40 percent of the revenue we collect through fee charges goes straight to noble and humanitarian cause of overall development of village community.