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Rural-based Community Service

Bringing spiritual change through participation of two different community


Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF), a non-profit organization came into existence in 2009. To bring overall development of hill villages through rural-based community service with inputs of yoga awareness camps is out utmost objective. We are working on harnessing the power of rural-based tourism as an opportunity for generating additional income for rural community.

The Himalayas and its holy shrines and rivers have long been attracted hermits, spiritual-seekers, religious tourists, and its rural life is open book of love and empathy. People here are looking forward with expectation that the rural-based community service will be tuned to their aspiration. Experience what Himalayan's rural life is by staying in their homes as guests.

In a home-stay concept, the locals are providing accommodation and meal facility at affordable prices. The foreign travelers enjoy local nutritious delicacies as just part of the local hospitality where guest is treated is just equal to God.

Virgin forests accompanied by large varieties of flora and fauna including endangered ones, crystal-clear water of rivers and lakes creates a mesmerizing effect on the minds of visitors. Moreover, practicing yoga far from hustle and bustle of city life in natural surroundings will land you to spiritual world.

We are sincerely devoted for a better green and ethical tourism development with the participation of local community.


  • Self-development of villagers through our community.
  • Combine development of the community through participation of our SYF family members.
  • To motivate them for the socio-economic development of the rural village.

Objectives :

Exchanging Culture : Bringing two communities together will fortify the concept of global village which social scientists are talking about to make this world happier and enrich. Both communities will learn new culture in the process of interaction and meeting.

Conducive Environment for Spirituality : The hill villages offers right environment for yoga and spiritualism. The air is filled with all cosmic energy, and there is no room for negative thoughts and deeds.

Feel Good Experience : You get more satisfaction and relaxed when serving something constructive to community that is not fortunate as you in terms of materialistic gains. Joy is doubled, when share.

Strengthening Bond of Love : Unconditional love is the hallmarks of humanity, which can be discover while exploring unseen places and meeting new people. People here are nature-lovers whose main occupation is cultivation. They bear all hardships of life in collection of water and fodder, yet there is no trace of forlorn on their faces.

Wonders of Nature : Uttarakhand is famous for its pristine beauty and spiritual devotion. Called the land of Gods, it is home to marvels of natures of various hues and shapes. Explore the lesser explored treks meeting villages on top of the hill. Feel the encounter with nature that will leave you enthralled and spellbound with your eyes wide open.


Benefits to Local Community

Women Empowerment

Empowerment : The main occupation of hill villagers is farming. Home-stays with locals have been set-up which generates income for hosts in most honorable way. The hill people are also interested to know foreign culture and tradition, and your interaction will quench their thirst for knowledge.

Touching New Level of Mental Horizons : The villagers can learn new skill of yoga from you and practice it in cosmic surroundings. They will also get an golden opportunity to know the outer world in most practical way.

Self-sustainability : A careful examination of the traditional knowledge and systems of management of natural resources shows a remarkable awareness of the people with integrated approach to management of these resources.

Livelihood development : It will also create an opportunity to sell their local produced handicrafts, local fruits or other products.

Empowering local community socially & economically : Any development planning for the locally natural resource management must enhance the socio-economic aspects of hill community.

Voluntary : We invite you to come here and work as a voluntary to bring the valuable results to ensure positive changes in the community.

Our Projects Work

Under Rural-based Community Service, Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF) has done remarkable work in rural and resources-bereft areas in hill state of Uttarakhand for the interests of local community. In the lack of employment opportunities for literate and skilled local youths in some regions, we empower these youths by learning new skills and also fulfils the social responsibility by... Read More

1. Yoga Awareness
2. Women Empowerment
3. Skill Development Program
4. Education and Health