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Emergency Medical Treatment

What is Emergency First Aid Training?

Emergency Medical services are the immediate first aid procedures adopted by people who may or may not be doctors till emergency medical care is made available from a hospital. By following standard first aid procedures they reduce complications and prevent fatalities. Emergency First Aid Treatment information is provided to the villagers so that in case of any mishap they can themselves provide emergency medical services immediately.

Uttrakhand is predominantly a rural area which is spread-out between tracts of mountain forests. Safety and first aid is paramount in incidents of man animal conflict but the patients do not get any treatment for many days. Patients need immediate medical care through emergency medical services.

The secluded village hamlets in mountains are cut off from the main stream society. Often they have to walk to reach places where limited transport facilities are made available. There too the last bus often leaves before 3 Pm so as to reach its destination before sundown. The nearest urgent treatment centre is often far away and ambulances are unable to reach the remote villages to provide immediate medical care. The patients are carried on draught animals or they travel in overcrowded buses. This aggravates their medical problems and causes complications.

Why is Emergency First Aid Treatment Important in Rural Areas ?

Uttrakhand is a predominantly a rural area which is spread-out between tracts of mountain forests. There have been incidents of man animal conflict. The patients often do not get any treatment for many days resulting in complications and fatalities that were easily avoidable.

The nearest health clinic is often far from their secluded village hamlets in mountains. In case of medical emergency ambulances cannot reach the remote villages.

Transport facilities are limited and often the last bus leaves before 3 Pm so as to reach its destination before sundown.. The patients are carried on animals or they travel in overcrowded buses which further aggravate their problems.

On reaching the health clinic they often hear that the doctor is not available as he has been transferred or is on leave. The primary health centre in villages may not be fully equipped to handle emergencies so often the doctor gives the initial Emergency First Aid Treatment to patients before they are able to reach a proper hospital which is fully equipped.

This delay in emergency medical treatment causes complications and fatalities that were easliy avoidable so it is imperative that the public be made aware of what they can do immediately before they can consult a doctor or reach a hospital.


Social responsibility activities are central values of Spirit Yoga Foundation ( SYF ) as Yoga and social service are inseparably interlinked. Yoga creates sympathy and empathy in its practitioners as it Yoga promotes oneness with cosmic consciousness. The empathy and sympathy for the suffering of poor and inspires the yogic practitioner to work to assuage their suffering. SYF has devoted groups of cheerful people doing very serious work to spread happiness for the villagers.

  • Emergency First Aid Treatment training is provided to educate the masses on the immediate treatment that can be given by them to the patient.
  • In case of any medical eventuality the patient needs immediate First Aid Treatment on an emergency basis to reduce complications or fatalities.
  • Sometimes the patient can be alone at home or in forest he needs to treat himself and seek immediate help.
  • Often medical emergencies occur at home or at work or in a forest which is not near a health centre.
  • Most of the public is unaware of the gravity of the problem and even if they are aware they are not skilled enough to help so First Aid Training is needed..

Steps to Help

First aid instructions ensure that the patient reaches hospital in better shape, they prevent complications and improve his chances of survival. The villagers also come to know the magnitude of risks of seemingly trivial health issues like dehydration in diarrhoea. The villagers are to be made aware of when they should seek immediate medical care for health issues. There can be fatal consequences of ignoring chronic health problems. So we educate them to seek immediate medical care for Blood Pressure, Asthma and Diabetes. We also make villagers aware that they can use yoga as medicine for many health problems.

  • Improve Environment Awareness – Villagers lack awareness for care of environment. They throw garbage anywhere and defecate in the open and this causes germs to percolate down to the water table. Drinking water is often contaminated with disease causing pathogens.
  • Improve awareness for public sanitation – Villages have total lack of awareness for public sanitation measures so they often suffer outbreaks of communicable diseases. Villagers often suffer from cholera, typhoid, jaundice, etc as they eat food without washing their hands which are mostly dirty. Many of these medical problems can be easily prevented by simple hygiene & cleanliness measures.
  • Increase Information on common Medical issues – Villagers also lack awareness of first aid procedures in case of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes & fire. They have no knowledge of disease causes and symptoms. They lack information on measures that need to be immediately taken to prevent flare-ups of epidemics. Illiteracy causes superstition that further aggravates the problems. There is lack of proper vaccination village children. Malnutrition is common in village children. In case of diarrhoea; village children routinely suffer extreme dehydration and sometimes deaths can also occur. These deaths and complications could have been easily averted with standard first aid instructions.