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Our Team


Our team is committed to yoga practices with great enthusiasm and sincerity. All are experienced in their respective fields (yoga guru, yoga trainer, professional health care expert, "Gita" commentator) and are source of energy, passion and skills to our foundation. We are like family members that strive to put all efforts towards teaching you all the from basics to higher levels of yoga.

Time to time, we also invite connoisseurs from different fields to share their lecture and comments on topics related to yoga viz. meditation, yoga in daily life, how to maintain balance between work and yogic meditation and much more.

Yogi Simant (Founder)

Simant Yogi is the founder of Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF). He is highly acclaimed Hatha Yoga master, who assiduously practicing yoga since 2005. He has perfect mastery over traditional yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Asana and Pranayam.

He is registered Yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance (USA). He is an MBA in tourism from a recognized Garhwal University. He learned Yoga from internationally famed Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (Haridwar).

A small minor incident eventually changed his life. He had kidney stone and for the treatment he visited many doctors, but to no avail. Finally, he turned to be spiritual aspirant and he successfully treated disease by yoga. This proved to be blessing in disguise. He dedicated all his life for yoga, meditation and spiritual awakening.

More than physical aspects, he practices yoga for conscience awakening. He had done intense Sadhna for a long time under the guidance of his Guru. With blessings of his Guru who had renounced the world, he set out on his own spiritual path. He understood that ultimate goal of life is self-realization or supreme consciousness.

He had organized many yoga workshops in many villages of Devbhoomi to connect the bond of love and brotherhood with underprivileged sections of society. He is highly respectable personality in many villages, and easily accessible to all class of society. Breaking all barriers of class, colour, religion through yoga is his basic mantra of life.

Anita Yogi (Hatha Yoga Acharya)

Anita Yogi

Anita Yogi is an accomplished Hatha Yoga Acharya with two years master diploma. Another feather in her cap is ERYT 200 hrs from Yoga Alliance, USA. She is specialist in teaching yoga art with widely commended reputation and image.

Yoga is running in her veins as her entire family is devoted to the traditional art of Hatha yoga, the foundation of all higher yogic art. Experience has taught her that without discipline and self-control, one can't have mastery over this practice.

She started learning yoga merely at the age of eight. She was drawn to the disciplines of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga philosophy. In all these years, she has gained perfect mastery over all asanas, specifically in Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.

She did her graduation from Garhwal University. Her reputation as yoga teacher is widely recognized in all nook and corners of the country. She has helped thousands of yoga practitioners to learn traditional yoga by weighing their strengths and weaknesses.

Mr Sandeep (Himalayan Yoga Guru)

Mr. Sandeep

Sandeep Bankhwal was born in a well educated family knit together by strong cultural values and traditional bond in Devbhoomi. From the very early age, he was drawn to spiritualism like nails attracted to magnets.

He explored the splendor of Himalayan region to meet hermits and monks to quench his thirst for spiritual knowledge and also dispelled his doubts.

Finally, he discovered solace and real happiness by surrendering himself to Lord Krishna, the reason of all reasons and the master of all masters. He realized that supreme consciousness is within us, and it is futile to search for it in books, which is the essence of "Gita".

He has contributed various articles and features on spiritualism topic to national dailies, weeklies and reputed magazines. He is a voracious reader mainly book on spiritualism and religious texts. In mid-1980s, he travelled length and breadth of India, to learn the spiritual heritage of the India.

He has mastery over internationally reputed philosophical book "Bhagavad Gita", and he often gives lectures on the philosophy of Lord Krishna at various platforms.

Dr Sandeep Raina (Professional Health Care Expert)

Dr. Sandeep Raina

Dr Sandeep Raina is a professional health care expert in spine rehabilitation. He is presently working as a chief consultant for neuro-rehabilitation and spine disorders at Parmarth Niketan Hospital, Rishikesh.

His perfection in spinal anatomy and physiology lead him to teach the students from all over the world. He knows how to correlate it with practice of yoga which is beneficial for the human body system. He is also certified in CPR, THERA BANDS etc.

He is the resident of J&k who moved to Rishikesh in quest for spiritual life in 2006. His urge of serving the society motivated him to pursue the noble profession. His area of interest is neurological disorders. He studied in renowned medical university and pursued masters' degree in physical therapy. To make his therapies affective he started reconciling the techniques of taping along with vestibular rehabilitation.

He is also having good knowledge of acupuncture and is practicing laser acupuncture from past many years. He has extensive experience of neurological post operative rehabilitation programs especially of spinal cord injury patients.

His aim in life is to rehabilitate not only one's body but also mind and soul, with the help of physical exercise regimes and yoga.