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Our Projects Work

SFY interconnect spiritual aura of underprivileged class with hope


Under Rural-based Community Service, Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF) has done remarkable work in rural and resources-bereft areas in hill state of Uttarakhand for the interests of local community. In the lack of employment opportunities for literate and skilled local youths in some regions, we empower these youths by learning new skills and also fulfils the social responsibility by partaking new assignments. The yoga awareness in rural areas has enriched local community in feeling of well-being where there is scarcity of doctors and medical facility. We are focusing on local youths, farmers, women and child.

Uttarakhand is a Himalayan state with bounty of natural resources which need to be tapped. People here are supporting and spiritually bent of mind. SYF is working in interior and inaccessible regions where there is tremendous opportunity for developing learning skill.

Our Sponsors

1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) BY ONGC Through A Yoga Training Program For Villagers.

2. Under the 13 Finance Commission through the Department of Statistics, Government of Uttarakhand a skill development program.

3. Under the 13 Finance Commission through the Department of Statistics Government of Uttarakhand a Training Program for Emergency Medical treatment in rural areas.

We are mainly focussed on major issues for development and empowerment of rural areas:

Yoga Awareness

SYF cooperates in yoga awareness programmes via conducting yoga awareness programme in villages and towns. We also target schools, colleges, education institutions and rural areas where medical facility are negligible. It cleans the body, mind and soul. We target every age group to prepare him for achieving higher goals in life. Yoga is a natural medium to connect with all local community in a natural way.

Object :

1. Health awareness programmes in rural belts including town and cities.
2. To make them spiritually strong.
3. To develop them mentally, physically and spiritually.
4. To remain cool and calm in stressful professional life.
5. To make them participate in the natural conservation process.

Women Empowerment

Women is the backbone of hill rural economy who toils from dawn to dusk. She is the integral part of society. The potential of womenfolk is still untapped, which needs to be utilized. In modern metro cities, women are occupying all senior positions in every professional field. But due to dearth of job opportunities and other sources of livelihood, they are struggling to make both their ends meet. In order to enhance their productive skill to the society, we are imparting several programs in hill rural regions.

Object :

1. Self-sustainable and empowerment for individuals.
2. Honing their skills in more professional way.
3. Education, health development.
4. Mould them in such a way that they can understand the modern life.
5. Developing new models of livelihood as per modern needs.

Skill Development Program

Rural youth in hills are migrating to big cities in search of employment opportunities resulting in empty villages at an alarming rate. The opportunities can be develop in tourism, herbs, medical plants etc, which can check migration and create sources of livelihood in their own native places. our skill development centre we explain how these trades can bring a change in their life and how it can lead to a better life for them

Object :

1. Develop farm tourism, home-stay.
2. Revitalize the dying art of handicrafts and artisans.
3. Develop new adventure activities and promote lesser known places.
4. Organic farming with participation of local people.
5. Skill development training in different fields.

Education and Health

Education and health is a big issue in rural areas which need to be address. So, we conduct educational and health camps at different locations. Children are suffering from many diseases due to lack of knowledge. The knowledge of nutrients in local edible items can solve the problem to some extent. Child care centre is the need of the hour, as it gives suitable environment for the right development of the child.

Object :

1. Impart basic education and health issues to be taught at school level.
2. Child care development.
3. Health and hygiene programs.
4. Knowledge of proper nutrition.
5. Primary education to children.