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When can I be absorbed in meditation?

How to meditate properly is not logic; it does not follow predetermined or repetitive actions or specific meditation steps. Premeditated conscious acts are always invoked by the ego; they can never be methods of meditation. In meditation spontaneous acts involuntarily occur. There are many different ways of meditation you may be quiet, sit still, dance, sing or utter gibberish syllables and sounds artlessly at the spur-of-the-moment. Whatever happens you let that happen and do not resist or cause it.

Meditation cannot be forced into fixed routines and be scheduled at fixed times. It is like rain, thunder, germination of seed and flowering of bud that occur spontaneously without following fixed timetable. Meditation may be experienced at unexpected moments so be prepared to recognize it. When it occurs, don’t resist and don’t pretend to have it when it has not descended on you.

God is not like a person as many of us would like to depict him. In The Geeta lord Krishna says that I am the light of the Sun, Coolness of the Moon, Strength of the Strong, intelligence of the intellect. God manifests himself as infinite cosmic consciousness present in all beings. Be aware of his power operating every atom of the universe. God keeps on giving glimpses of himself. Be patient you will see him in the tranquility of mountains, the power of thunder and his infinite nature reflected in the inestimable universe.

Yoga directly connects you with spirituality without the need of being bounded in a religion.