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What is Prayer?

Prayer is harmonious communion with infinite cosmic consciousness. Prayer is a path that leads to the infinite, so prayer also has to be infinite. Prayer transcends intellect, thoughts and the limitations of words. Prayer can only be experienced and can never be explained. All people who have communed with God have become silent. Prayer is the sound of silence. It always makes you speechless so it’s impossible to describe it. You have to flow in prayer to experience it. We all spontaneously experience moments of flow when we are so absorbed in an activity that we lose track of time; they are true prayers. If we can be aware of the moments of flow, our prayers can be extended to span our whole life.

Prayer is child like wonder who is bewitched by mystery and beauty of creation. Prayer is always a spontaneous unplanned experience that can manifest through dance, celebration, joy, bliss, beauty, love, belongingness, friendship, kindness, pity. Prayer occurs on its own accord when you speechlessly admire the tranquil scenery, smell the cool breeze, hear soulful music, Prayer is when a mother’s tears instinctively fall in happiness when her child tastes success. Prayer absorbs you to such an extent that you always forget yourself.

Prayer is an overwhelming emotion of intense devotion. You don’t know what to do. You cry, laugh, dance, sing, bow, fall, become helpless and finally surrender completely. Your walk oscillates between a swagger and stagger. Each cell gets intoxicated and the body is forgotten. That’s the reason why mystics have long matted hair and flowing beard because they are unable to care for their body and looks.

God is infinite cosmic consciousness
that is present in all beings that manifests
through sympathy, empathy, friendship & love.

Can I Use Prayer to Make God Grant all My Desires?

When you are absorbed in prayer your identity merges into the infinite in prayer which causes loss of ego. You will always cease to exist in prayer so it’s impossible to be self centered while praying. Instead of begging for yourself you offer yourself completely in prayer. Quiet unrecognized service to poor and downtrodden is an offering of prayer. Love is prayer because you offer yourself. You give gifts and are thankful that the recipient accepted them. God gives us all that we need whether you ask or not. He has ordained the creation to give you whatever you deeply desire. God is our loving parent who is in the control of his child.

Ego only begs for fulfillment of personal desires through prayers. The more it gets the more it desires. Begging using fixed words which are mechanically repeated on fixed days, in fixed places, fixed number of times, at a fixed time, by paid professional priests may appear to be prayer. Some priests professionally pray for you and charge money for their services. They profess to know all about meditation and prayers.

Believers are only those people who regularly pay priests to repeat their mechanical rituals. Priests can be scheming conspirators who may sometimes contrive plots to take advantage of your fear and greed. They claim to compel God to fulfill your desires through fixed emotionless words.

Some believers are bent upon denying the infinite nature of God and confine the omnipresent only to specific holy places. Entry is restricted as you pay first and then enter the holy places. You robotically pray repeatedly for a fixed number of times for fulfillment of your desires. God does not appoint certified professionals who are middlemen to connect him with his devotees. God does not necessarily give fame or money if prayers are done through these professional priests while you are busy with worldly affairs.

When prayers become rigid they become religion. Now ego sets in and wants to establish superiority through mind, money and military. Some religions priests may claim that God gives heaven only to those who blindly follow their specific dictates and sends all others to hell. This tradition has been followed strictly for centuries to compel people to blindly follow their dictates. To further their personal political aspirations leaders who appear to be spiritual plant hatred in the mind of public under the garb of spreading God’s message. There is a wrong notion that the liquidation of all non believers will surely grant them entry to heaven. So holy wars have been waged against non believers.

Man has grown too spiritual
to accept fear of hell and inducement of
heaven to be the driving force in his life.