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What are Mantras

Mantras are not just any syllables or random prayers. Mantras were experienced by holy mystics while they were in super-conscious state, Mantra channelize the mind and make it focus on itself by use of specific root sounds that are primordial resonances of creation. Mantras are powerful vibrations that work on physical, mental, astral, aural, causal and spiritual planes. Mantras end all confusion and create focus and purpose. Mantras remove myriad thoughts that dissipate concentration and help by building up concentration. Mantras awaken the energies that were latent and make the cosmos work to give anything desired by the seeker.

Mantras are composed of waves of that vibrate between physical and spiritual planes. Therefore Mantras carry peace joy and energy that has divine origins. Mantras elevate the mood. It is not surprising that each person chants specific type of Mantras depending upon the state of his mind. Ancient Rishis recognized the power of mantra chants to create harmony and bestow bliss. Mantras merged with Yogic meditation will harmonize you with the cosmic processes.

Spirit Yoga Foundation follows accurate Mantra Meditation Techniques to awaken the powers of Ancient Mantras That Will Transform Your Life. You perform mantra chants to connect with your inner consciousness. There will be recitation of powerful Mantras which energize the mind and body ( initially verbal later silent mental recitation ). Mantras lead to concentration and relaxation. You can learn how to Perform Mantra Meditation to experience true union which gives the inner peace and bliss you always needed.

The powerful vibrations of mantras awaken energies that were latent on physical, mental, astral, aural, causal and spiritual planes.