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Spirituality for Atheists

There has been a spurt in number of people who call themselves atheists as they are unwilling to accept what is forced down their throats in the name of religion. Blind faith and rationalization is not spiritualism. Man has grown too spiritual to accept fear of hell and inducement of heaven to be the driving force in his life. An atheist can be quite spiritual without being aware of it. The demand of this spiritual atheist to directly experience God actually shows that he is highly spiritual by nature though he mistakenly thinks that he is an atheist.

When man cannot find God directly he looks for spirituality in a roundabout manner. He is always in search of peace, joy, friendship and unity. Even self styled atheists find ways to devote themselves. Religion for atheists is devotion to country, devotion to humanity through social service, devotion to art, poetry, music, dance, etc. We often come across phrases like God is Love; Body temple, Work is worship, etc.

Owing to his inherent desire to be God; Man seeks lordship. But on earth the only way to attain lordship seems to be to gain physical strength, amass wealth and authority. Man seeks immortality through fame. Man tries to get a glimpse of immortality through his children who will continue his name in the world. Mans quest for the best spouse to procreate and produce perfect progeny reflects his divine connection with the perfect universal soul. His desire to procreate is a physical manifestation of being the creator of life.

When man cannot find God directly he looks for spirituality in a round about manner.