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Modern Scientific Version of Spirituality

Man seeks abundance, happiness, celebration, beauty, music, dance, harmony and good health because they satisfy the core of his being with inner spiritual progress in all spheres. This spiritual awareness leads to higher levels of inner progress with honesty, faithfulness, truthfulness, peace, joy and celebration is the modern scientific version of inner spirituality. There is no need to be coy to first recognize and then declare your spiritual awakening.

Yoga directly connects you with spirituality without the need of being bounded in a religion. Yoga is a means of ultimate spiritual liberation in the form of Moksha or Nirvana when you experience God in every-being and in everything. But the problem is that by using the word “ God ” religious beliefs create limitations so let’s use neutral words like universal soul or cosmic consciousness.

Yogic Meditation awakens our energies that were latent in us as we are unaware of them. We need body and mind strengthening practices so that we can bear the intense energy unleashed by implementing these powerful practices. The steps of yogic advancement commence from the physical plane of yoga asanas; they then rise to the mental plane of mantra recitation and finally culminate in the spiritual plane of cosmic awareness. Yoga is a means of attaining harmony with the universal cosmic consciousness. The human senses and the mind are incapable of comprehending the cosmic consciousness. Through Yoga and Meditation we follow various steps to harmonize us with infinite cosmic consciousness.

The connection with infinite cosmic awareness energizes and sustains us. We experience infinite cosmic awareness daily in an unconscious manner when we sleep. Deep dreamless sleep bestows internal happiness. It regenerates the body and cures sickness. Sleep is a daily experience of silent Samadhi where we routinely lose our sense of ego and become one with the cosmos. This is the ultimate goal of spiritual Samadhi.

Dreamful and dreamless sleep connects you the astral, causal and spiritual planes which are as infinite as the physical planes of space and time. But these planes are not currently known to scientists. Doctors are unable to specify why we exactly we need sleep to survive when it’s possible to rest while sitting, standing or lying down.

Inventions occur in communion with Cosmic Consciousness on the material planeto give us "Scientific Advancement".