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Meditation Cources

Meditation Retreat in Rishikesh

Discovering the inner conscious world though meditation retreat

Meditation retreat for self-discovery on the banks of Ganga amidst captivating surroundings is the buzzword in Rishikesh. Whatever exists in external world exists in inside world and needs to be explored for spiritual understanding and awakening.

Meditation is solitary sojourn to discover the inner world which eventually leads to self-realization. The super conscious soul is seated in the cavity of the lotus of your heart. Purification of inner conscience is the pre-requisite for this inmost journey.

How meditation retreat beneficial :

  • You learn how to control the mind.
  • It is the intial step towards self-searching.
  • Realization of inner consciousness.
  • Experience of divine forces.

The sum total of pleasure of the entire world is nothing when compared to divine bliss derived from meditation retreat. SYF offers guided meditation and silent meditation courses and how meditation is deep observation process in a more practical way. Medication discourses prepares your mind for higher level of meditation.

Meditation Courses in Rishikesh

There are intensive meditation courses in Rishikesh to pick and choose from. The place is also gateway to four pilgrim centers. In serene and spiritual surroundings, one easily learns to train the mind for meditation to connect with inner consciousness.

The various meditative courses are regular event here since ancient times when yogis, sages and hermits used to assemble here for the same cause. The small town has now emerged itself and recognized in global map as the yoga capital of the world.

Every year, thousands of meditation-seekers thronged this place to learn yoga and meditation on the banks of Ganga river. The spiritual vibrations purify the soul of the practitioners.

Courses Offered


6 Days Basic Meditation Course

The six day course of Mukti Kriya Meditation is a primary entry level basic meditation course for beginners. Participants are made aware of the right practices to be followed to control...


8 Days Advanced Meditation Course

Advanced Mukti Kriya Meditation enables the participants to become proficient in deep meditation. They learn how to witness how thoughts enter their minds and then they learn...

Meditation in Himalayas

10 Days Inward Journey on Meditation in Himalayas

A spiritual Trek through rarely traveled pathways in verdant Himalayan foliage. A rich discovery through flowery meadows, wilderness, exotic fauna, and sacred sites...