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6 Days Basic Meditation Course

The six day course of Mukti Kriya Meditation is a primary entry level basic meditation course for beginners in Rishikesh. Participants are made aware of the right practices to be followed to control the thought processes and attain inner peace. The basic course of Mukti Kriya Meditation is focused on how to begin and how to continue. Participants are taught basic meditation techniques so that the quest to know the self can begin. Spiritual seekers learn the basic steps of mind control to enable them to advance to higher levels.

Course Objectives

There are a series of Hatha yoga practices that synchronize the body and mind so that the body can sit for extended durations. Specific body cleansing processes are initiated so as to rid the body of toxins that have accumulated till now. This cleansing process ends physical and mental uneasiness. By using the breath control techniques of pranayama the mind is purged of polluting thoughts. This enables one to attain stability of both body and mind. A stable mind can control its thought processes. Make the mind focus on itself through small periods of absolute silence.

Course Schedule

The course duration of Basic Mukti Kriya Meditation Course in Rishikesh is Five to Six hours daily for six days. The participants are initiated into meditation and given guidance of how to progress. There is regular practice of Pranayama and basic Hatha Yoga along with meditation so that the participants gradually learn to sit still for extended periods of time. Pranayama and Yoga are added to assist the body and mind in meditation. Discourses, Satsangs and Bhajans are also included to increase depth of understanding. Open forum discussions will invite expression of any change noted in oneself so that guidance can be given as per individual need observed by the trainer.

  • Classes begin early in the morning and end by early evening.
  • There are small breaks to allow participants to adjust.
  • There is a big break between morning and evening modules.
  • Detailed daily schedule will be provided to participants after they arrive for training.
  • All participants who complete the Basic Mukti – Kriya Meditation Course are invited to attend an Advanced Mukti – Kriya Meditation Course of an additional period of six days.

Course Fee Per Person

SN NO. Room Occupancy In US dollars
1 Single Person Occupancy (Single room) US$ 999
2 Twin Sharing occupancy (Twin room) US$ 759 per person

Note :- For above course booking advanced fee will be US$ 200 per person per course, which can be paid online through your credit card or via bank transfer to our account.

We are different from others


Accommodation and meals are included in the course fee for the entire duration of the training course. Accommodation has options of twin and single person occupancy with amenities like attached toilets, hot and cold water, Reverse Osmosis drinking water, etc. Meals include Early Morning Tea/snacks, Breakfast Lunch Evening Tea/snacks and Dinner. Our location for Meditation courses in Rishikesh, India.

  • A bag to keep the study material.
  • Course Manual and Books on Yoga for self study.
  • Note book and required stationary.
  • Neti lota
  • Kurta Pyjama ( 2 Sets ).
  • Yoga Mat
  • Yogic Cleansing Process material.
  • Rudraksha Mala.
  • Spatic Mala