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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is the vital knowledge of yoga to know your potential & untapped energy

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is your eternal mother and a witness of all your past events. “Kundalini” originates from the Sanskrit word “Kunda” which means ring or coil. Kundalini is connected to the physical body, although the ‘Shakti’ doesn’t belong to it. Her abode is small gland at the base of the spinal cord.

Kundalini yoga in Rishikesh is the pinnacle of all experiences that elevate you to higher level of spiritual realm. She is personified as Shakti Ma which crosses five chakras to meet her consort Shiva, at the thousand-petaled sahasrara chakra.

  • Kundalini is untapped cosmic energy sleeping at base chakra
  • Coiled female serpent in a slumbering state at base chakra
  • The higher awareness is symbolized by kundalini
  • When stirred, it uncoil & move through five chakras to reach sahasrara
  • The primitive cosmic energy resides in base chakra of every individual

The other name of Kundalini is Prana Shakti. In yoga philosophy, she is represented as dormant serpent power when awakens rises to seven chakras. Kundaini is the spiritual ladder to reach higher awareness, the source of all mantras and universal bliss.

Kundalini is mentioned as three varied manifestations of cosmic energy---Para-kundalini, Prana kundalini and Shakti kundalini. The primary is unmanifest cosmic energy, second is energy of existed universe and last is universal consciousness which is intermediary between the remaining two.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini yoga is spiritual science of transformation & expansion of consciousness with the awakening of the pranic or psychic centers. Kundalini first opens up the chakras to induce the associated levels of awareness. It also devours various psychic knots at various levels of chakras.

As kundalini rises up from base chakra muladhara, the level of awareness also expands. Prana (subtle cosmic energy) and apana (subtle eliminatine energy) aids in the rising of inactive kundalini.

Body Anatomy Bodies

It is sushumna which carry the kundalini to unite with Shiva at crown of the head. Prana, apana, samana, vyana and udana are all manifestations of kundalini residing in subtle form in your body. The ultimate aim of kundalini yoga is to awaken the unconscious power to reach the highest level of consciousness and to realize the Ultimate Truth.

  • It influences the nervous system including mind to ensure balance of awareness
  • Balancing sushumna opens up new dimension for mind
  • Kundalini comprises asanas, pranayama, bandha, mudra
  • It also involve advance pranayama techniques
  • Chanting of mantras and piercing of psychic knots
  • Activating and awakening of chakras at conscious level of experience
  • Balancing, activation & purification of all chakras
  • Ida & pingala are manifestation of mind & body

Role of Nadis in Kundalini Yoga

Nadis literally means river. It can also be refer to stream, tube or pipe. The subtle channels in pranic body are known as nadis which can’t be seen with naked eye and beyond the reach of any five senses. The primary function of these nadis is to carry life force (prana) throughout the sublte body in kundalini yoga. There are 72,000 nadis, but the primary one is ida, pingala and sushmana.

The three major nadis are :

Kundalini System

Sushmana : Sushmana is the major nadi which carry the kundalini (shakti) from mooladhara to sahasra when awakened.

  • It represents the river Saraswati.
  • The kundalini lies at the base of the sushmana when in dormant state.
  • The three sub-nadis under sushmana are vajrini, chitrini and brahama.
  • The kundalni yoga creates higher consciousness which passes through brahama nadi
  • It connects the base chakra to the crown chakra (sahasrara)
  • It carry the kundalini to the top chakras when awakened at base chakra

Ida : "Ida" is a Sanskrit word which means comfort. It corresponds to Ganga river which flows in the left nostril.

  • It is feminine in nature and easily docile
  • It originates from base chakra, and ends up in the left nostril
  • It corresponds to Ganga river, major river related to spirituality
  • It runs from the right testicle to the left nostril
  • It is related to moon energy which is cool
  • It control all the mental process related to brain

Pingala : "Pingala" is a Sanskrit word which means "tawny". It is associated with solar energy.

  • It is outgoing and aggressive in nature
  • It is red which represents the solar energy
  • It corresponds to Yamuna river, closer to heart of Lord Krishna
  • It corresponds to the left side of the brain
  • It originates at base chakra and ends up in right nostril
  • It runs up from the left testicle to the right nostril

Role of Chakras in Kundalini Yoga

The Chakras

Chakras play a decisive role in the stirring of kundalini yoga. There are seven major chakras which gives the appearance of a lotus with Nadis as its petals. Each chakra has a particular number of petals symbolizing Sanskrit alphabet. These are:

  • 1. Muladhara : origin of 4 yoga nadis
  • 2. Svadhishthana : origin of 6 yoga nadis
  • 3. Manipura : origin of 10 yoga nadis
  • 4. Anahata : origin of 15 yoga nadis
  • 5. Vishuddha : origin of 16 yoga nadis
  • 6. Ajna : seat of mind
  • 7. Sahasrara : abode of Lord Shiva

Courses for Kundalini Yoga

Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF) ensures you to go experience the kundalini yoga in Rishikesh. You can have multidimensional experience.

The SYF designs two distinct level courses preliminary & advanced for yoga aspirants namely:

Kundalini Yoga

10 Days Kundalini Yoga Preliminary Course

In this specially designed 10-day preliminary course of kundalini yoga in Rishikesh, you move step-by-step to get the better outcomes. The purpose of this special course is...

Kundalini Yoga

10 Days Kundalini Yoga Advanced Course

This 10 days kundalini yoga course connects you to universal consciousness and you become intrepid by realizing subtle energy in your existence. Your spiritual journey will...