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    Spirit Yoga

    Denotes the harmonious amalgamation of subtle undercurrents of energies

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    Strengthen the body and engage the mind. A strong and positive mind cannot be happy in a weak body.

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    Women Empowerment

    All cultures that disrespect women remain backward so empowerment of women is the condition of progress.

Spirit Yoga In Rishikesh

SYF provides one of the most systematic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. We teach practical ways of doing Shatkarma, Asana, Pranayama Bandhs, Mudras and Meditation. Our Hatha Yoga Certificate Courses in Rishikesh impart a deep knowledge of these ancient practices and root your consciousness firmly in traditional Indian Yoga. You learn how to become a Certified Yoga Teacher and teach others how to lead a holistic yogic lifestyle. We teach you ways to modify asanas to suit different requirements of your students who join entry level yoga programs with you. SYF offers affordable Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Rishikesh.

Yoga Classes in Rishikesh

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Logo

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF) is led by a group of experienced and expert yoga masters and trainers with a passion for Hatha Yoga and its applicability in the growing world of health, fitness and spiritualism. We are providing 200 Hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training...

Yoga and Ayurveda ttc Rishikesh

15 Days Yoga and Ayurveda Course

A fifteen- day Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher Training coursein Rishikeshis designed to make the student practitioner proficient in the Art and Sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda as a collaborative and integrated scientific system...

Rishikesh Yoga School

Yoga Programs for Beginners

Yoga Icon

3 Days Yoga Retreat

Training via yogic methods like pranayama, asanas and light meditation. Introducing the concept of "Hatha Yoga" ...

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5 Days Yoga Retreat

Focused ignition of ones consciousness via holistic yogic methods like pranayama, asanas and meditation...

Meditation Courses

Meditation Course

6 Days Basic Meditation Course

The six day course of Mukti Kriya Meditation is a primary entry level basic meditation course for beginners. Participants are made aware of the right practices.

Advanced Meditation Course

8 Days Advanced Meditation Course

Advanced Mukti Kriya Meditation enables the participants to become proficient in deep meditation. They learn how to witness how thoughts enter their minds.

Meditation in Himalayas

Sonic Consciousness Meditation in Himalayas

A spiritual Trek through rarely traveled pathways in verdant Himalayan foliage. A rich discovery through flowery meadows, wilderness, exotic fauna...

Social Responsibilities

Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF), a non-profit organization came into existence in 2009. To bring overall development of hill villages through rural-based community service with inputs of yoga awareness camps is out utmost objective. We are working on harnessing the power of rural-based tourism as an opportunity for generating additional income for rural community... Read More