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Lord Shiva symbolizes supreme consciousness and his consort Shakti (Ma Parvati) is the epitome of supreme knowledge. Yoga is the unification of two reverse poles—Shiva and Shakti, body and mind, individual and universal awareness....


Yoga Karma Inseparable Part of Life

योगःकर्मसुकौशलम। Yoga is fruit of Karma. Doing your work with total devotion and full zeal of energy without looking at results is Karma Yoga. In this concept, no work is superior or inferior. A...

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Origins of Yoga, Its Purpose

Yoga. The system of “Hatha” or obstinacy offered to his adepts in the highest Himalayan climes by Shiva the Godhead of the Hindu Tantric pantheon. Rishi’s or the highest wisdom holders and practitioners in...