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About Spirit Yoga Foundation

Spirit Yoga means connecting all positive vibrating energies for a higher horizon


A chance meeting of Yogi Simant Maindola, a master of ancient art of yoga and globe-trotter Ravi Gusain in Uttarakhand sprouts the roots of Spirit Yoga Foundation (SYF). The Foundation started on 2009 in Rishikesh with prime concept on practicing traditional yoga, primarily Hatha Yoga. SYF is a volunteer run Non-Profit Organization for social community development in a holistic manner. SYF supports various social causes to define human existence and his productivity that goes enriching the society on a global context.

Spirit Yoga Foundation is dedicated to self-less human service globally where bonds of love and mutual trust grow to understand humanity and bring out the best traits in human life. Spiritualism is inseparable part of human life which needs to be wakeful time to time.

Yoga for Global Community

Yoga for Global Community
  • SYF is a premier yoga community that enhances Yoga awareness at all levels of global society.
  • To reap the fruits of Yoga for the spiritual development of large community.
  • We merge traditional yoga value and modernity of life in a bid to make the world happier.
  • Breaking barriers of disintegration and unite the entire community for prosperity.
  • Future hope of blissful life can be attain only through Yoga.
  • We target every age group to prepare for achieving higher goals in life

Courses Offered to Community

SYF is Rishikesh-based yoga center which offers wide ranges of yoga, meditation and spiritualism courses to the village community. We are providing global market for the budding yoga teachers to participate and be a part of global community to strengthen universal love and brotherhood.

  • 200 hour yoga training course
  • 15 days yoga & ayurveda course
  • 10 days Sonic Consciousness
  • Five-Day Yoga Retreat
  • Three-Day Yoga Retreat

Rural-based Community Service

Rural Based Community Service
  • Self-development of villages via community service and women's empowerment programmes.
  • Development of the community through participation of SYF family members.
  • To motivate them for the socio-economic development of the community village.
  • Health awareness programmes in rural belts including town and cities.
  • Skill development training in different fields.
  • Impart basic education and health issues to be taught at school level.

Mission of SYF

Mission SYF
  • SYF help others through social service enacting a community development.
  • To turn the entire world community into single global village.
  • We are working on the real purpose of yoga that our ancient sages/hermit did penance.
  • To bring the best inside the human being is the actual purpose of Yoga.
  • Yoga connects with hidden energy which ensures peace and prosperity.

Certified and Registered with the Government

  • Societies Registration Act 1860.
  • Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961.
  • Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Registered under FCRA – Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of India.